Craiova, Romania

Fairy tale flair and lasting memories!

In collaboration with 3d Arhicad Design Ltd MK Illumination Romania embarked on a fascinating journey inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's timeless classic, "The Snow Queen". 

In 2023, MK Illumination Romania transformed the city of Craiova into the enchanting playground of the Snow Queen. The tale unfolds with an evil troll crafting a magic mirror, changing all it reflects. When the mirror shatters into countless fragments, spread worldwide, those unfortunates enough to have a piece enter their eye or heart find their hearts turned to ice, perceiving only the negative and ugly. 

Every piece of aluminum used in this transformation was recycled from cans, demonstrating MK’s commitment to sustainability. MK Romania also partnered with two prominent local electronics retailers to repurpose foam packaging into the magnificent Snow Queen herself. 

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