Fünf Höfe, Munich, Germany

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The Fünf Höfe shopping centre in the centre of Munich is an exclusive, upmarket shopping centre with a unique mix of fashion, lifestyle, art and indulgence in an architectural work of art. At the heart of the centre is the Hypo Kunsthalle, which hosts a variety of themed exhibitions.

The centre is renowned for its world-class elegance and stylish design. MK Illumination quickly realised that the Christmas lighting and decorations needed to complement the existing architecture and make a festive statement that would impress and inspire visitors.

The resulting ice crystal inspired lighting scheme combined warm white light with a hint of brilliant white light. The lighting design was visible from afar on the exterior façade and flowed seamlessly into the interior of the luxury shopping arcade. 

A highlight of the Christmas presentation was a specially created photo point where glittering angel wings awaited visitors. Visitors could stand on the branded platform and be transformed into an angel for a photo. Numerous photos were taken, which were increasingly shared and commented upon on social media, thus increasing the reach of the CityQuartier Fünf Höfe.

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