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Mall of the Emirates light show celebrates 10th anniversary

The Mall of the Emirates in Dubai, one of the world's most popular shopping centres, was given a new look to celebrate its 10th anniversary.  For the first time, the entire mall was illuminated with a festive lighting display by MK Illumination Turkey.

The concept, in gold and silver tones, is a composition of luxury and elegance, embellished with crystals and reflective materials that harmonise perfectly with the lighting. In recognition of its customers' loyalty, Mall of the Emirates, the epitome of elegance, has placed a mirror between the glamorous design elements.

However, the two highlights of the show are the number '10', made up of ten small round pieces, suspended from the ceiling of the main gallery among several light curtains that shimmer like golden rain, and the anniversary chandelier in the dome. The elements, made up of 16-metre-long chains of lights, also include many small gold, silver and white materials, as well as crystals and large frames. 

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